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The nomenclature of available metal product

In order to make a request  specify the quantity of goods required and press "Add to order" below the catalogue. Then switch to section "Online order", fill in a form and press “Send” to communicate the request.

All production is supplied  with the quality assurance of FSUE "Aviatechpriyemka".
Prompt execution of nonstandard orders.
Preliminary making-up a set of multi-item orders.
Execution of individual orders for the delivery of:

hsheet products and round steel bar of titanium alloys;
hsheet products of constructional, alloy and corrosion-resistant steels;
hbar iron of heat-resistant steel;
hpipes of heat-resistant and stainless steels;
h wire from heat-resistant and corrosion-proof steels;
h bars and plates of  powdered metal high-speed steels.

The office and the warehouse are located at the same place. Counter-delivery of metal scrap and waste of corrosion-proof, heat-resisting and high-speed steels is possible too.
Product group


Designation Description Size GOST, TU Weight Quantity (kg)
Wire A-1 Ø0,3 mm GOST 9389-75 50 kg
Wire B-2A Ø0,2 mm GOST 9389-75 50 kg
Wire B-2A Ø0,5 mm GOST 9389-75 92 kg
Wire B-2A Ø0,6 mm GOST 9389-75 94 kg
Wire B-2A Ø1,4 mm GOST 9389-75 100 kg
Wire B-2A Ø2,0 mm GOST 9389-75 99 kg
Wire 20X13 Ø4,0 mm GOST 18143-72 50 kg
Wire 30X13 Ø0,6 mm GOST 18143-72 60 kg
Wire 12H18N10T Ø0,71 mm TU 3-1002-77 70 kg
Wire 12H18N10T Ø0,71 mm TU 3-1002-77 37 kg
Wire 12H18N10T Ø0,8 mm GOST 18143-72 46 kg
Wire sv-04H19N11M3 Ø0,8 mm GOST 2246-70 89 kg
Wire sv-04H19N11M3 Ø1,2 mm GOST 2246-70 100 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø3,5 (without ATP) mm TU 14-4-385-73 245 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø3,8 mm TU 14-4-385-73 189 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø5,0 mm TU 14-4-385-73 114 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø5,8 mm TU 14-4-385-73 83 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø6,1 mm TU 14-4-385-73 99 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø7,1 mm TU 14-4-385-73 14 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø7,8 mm TU 14-4-385-73 137 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø8,0 mm TU 14-4-385-73 142 kg
Wire 16HSN Ø8,15 mm TU 14-4-385-73 63 kg
Wire 51HFA -SH Ø6,0 mm TU 14-4-70-72 70 kg
Wire 51HFA -SH Ø8,0 mm TU 14-4-70-72 138 kg
Wire 51HFA -SH Ø9,0 mm TU 14-4-70-72 147 kg
Wire 16HSN 5,2 mm TU 14-4-385-73-?-? 71 kg