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About OOO «Firma «Medel», Ltd

  OOO "Firma "Medel ",Ltd. is a metal trading company specialized in  making-up sets of titan, rolled section and sheet metal rolling of structural, heat resistant, corrosion-resistant alloys and steels with special specifications which are used in high technologies of mechanical engineering, aircraft engineering and chemical process industry. Nickel alloys, special corrosion-resistant steels, copper-nickel alloys, titan and zirconium offered by OOO "Firma "Medel ",Ltd. can offer solutions to nearly any critical problems in accordance with specific end-user requirements.   The available forms of the delivered metal products are as follows:
  sheets, bars, tubes and wire of titanium alloys, structural, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant alloys and steels, bars and cold-rolled coils of powdered metal high-speed steel.

  In addition , OOO "Firma "Medel ",Ltd.:

    1. Delivers high-pressure die castings for isothermal extrusion.
    2. Is engaged in ferrous metal scrap utilization (license N 1412, dated of October, 29th, 2009, issued by Ministry of consumer market and services of Moscow region) and possesses lean processes for recycling of outworn turbojet aircraft engines and other civil engines.
    3. In collaboration with institute UKRNII Spetsstal (Zaporozhje, Ukraine) carries out research in the field of implementation of new powdered metal high-speed steels for manufacturing of cutting tools with special properties.

  OOO "Firma "Medel ",Ltd. is a sales representative of  Haynes International, Inc. (Kokomo, Indiana state, USA) in Russian Federation and CIS countries and offers high-efficiency nickel and cobalt- base alloys which are used in corrosion environment and in equipment operating at high temperatures. These alloys are well known as Hastelloy and Haynes alloys. They are available as sheet, plate, tubes and pipes, bars, wire, forgings.

Corrosion-Resistant Alloys

HASTELLOY® C-4 alloy

HASTELLOY® C-22® alloy

HASTELLOY® C-22HS® alloy

HASTELLOY® C 276 alloy

HASTELLOY® C 2000   alloy


HASTELLOY® G-35® alloy

HYBRID-BC1®   alloy


ULTIMET® alloy

High-Temperature Alloys




HASTELLOY®   X alloy

HAYNES® 25 alloy

HAYNES® R-41 alloy

HAYNES® 75 alloy

HAYNES® HR-120® alloy

HAYNES® HR-160® alloy

HAYNES® 188 alloy

HAYNES® 214® alloy

HAYNES® 230® alloy

HAYNES® 242® alloy

HAYNES® 263 alloy

HAYNES® 282® alloy

HAYNES® 556® alloy

HAYNES® 617 alloy

HAYNES® 625 alloy

HAYNES®  625SQ®  alloy

HAYNES® 718 alloy

HAYNES® X-750 alloy


Titanium Tubular Alloys

HAYNES® TI-3AI-2.5V alloy

  For 11 years of work OOO "Firma "Medel ",Ltd. has developed its' own business traditions based on principles of reliability, partnership, mutual trust and long-term relationship. With understanding we treat customer problems and we are ready to offer various forms of cooperation. The principle competitive advantages of the company are custom-tailored approach, prompt execution of tailor-made orders, a preliminary making-up the set of multi-item orders, possible partial payment of orders by counter delivery of scraps of corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-speed steels.   Our customers are machine-building plants, gas turbine manufacturers, aircraft engineering enterprises, chemical plants located both in Russia and abroad.

  We are grateful to you for your attention to our company and ready to consider your proposals for business cooperation.